Your doubts have an answer

We leave you a selection of the most frequent questions we receive and your answer. If you do not find your doubt between them, you can always contact us through e-mail or telephone.

We are an Insurance Broker, specialized in the field of mobility and pets, facilitating hiring processes and 100% digital customer service. Being an insurance broker, we always look for the best insurance solution among the best companies in the market. We are duly authorized by the General Directorate of Insurance.

We are developing solutions for other types of insurance, such as musical instruments, cancellation of shows, insurance for sporting events, nautical insurance, etc … Soon all these new insurance lines will come to light.

 Our position as an insurance broker allows us to have access to very competitive conditions with all the companies that work in the market. We are not a comparator, we know that there aren’t two clients alike, so we personalize each case, all so that the client does not have to search and fight with the companies.

We understand that e-commerce or the portal, performs a very important function of traffic generation and interest for the commercialization of insurance. For each insurance sale, e-commerce enters a commission.

We keep with the mediation directives that establish the regulation of these contracts, so that we offer you a collaborative framework that regulates said relationship.

Virtually nothing more than contacting us. From there we identify which products fit into each type of platform and how we can integrate the solution in a way that does not involve effort for you.

We collaborate with all actors in the insurance sector and also facilitate technological integration with certain mediators.

Our solution is prepared so that it does not involve practically effort for its integration. Usually, including the necessary tests, we can do it within a period not exceeding 4 weeks.

It has no cost for e-commerce or the store. It is simply an added value that you can offer your customers, and that complements your offer.

We as insurance mediators take care of all the insurance management with the client. Issuance, sending of the insurance contract, inquiries, claims, renewals, etc …

We also deal with the claims, so that the client is never in a situation of helplessness in front of the Companies. And as we are an insurance brokerage, we always look after the interests of the client.

Our solution is 100% responsive, so it adapts to any type of device and is also integrated in APP format.

We are in the phase of creating new portals for other types of insurance, which will gradually see the light.

We comply with all insurance regulations, which is not small. We are under supervision and authorized by the regulator, the General Directorate of Insurance. We also have the support and financing of relevant actors in the insurance sector.

Our solution is designed to be plug & play on the Magento and PrestaShop platforms. But it is also suitable for proprietary platforms.

Yes, in fact it is designed so that it can work online, both for e-commerce and physical stores.

We provide an administrator where you can control all management information related to insurance. In addition, we jointly review the indicators to increase the conversion on a recurring basis.

You can have the possibility of hiring insurance immediately at the time of purchase of the good or service marketed, with just one click.