thought for your life

Like you, we think that many insurances are not made for the lifestyle we have today. And we believe that protecting the things you love should be easy and simple.

That is why we have created a series of very innovative and easy to hire insurance solutions. Thought from your needs and made with the transparency that we would like to meet.

Ahh! And they are totally online, because making you step on an office at this point would be an intolerable cruelty.

WeePets, your insurance for pets

We know that for you they are not just pets, but one more in the family. That you would give everything to protect them, and in fact you do.

But it’s not fair that you have to spend a lot of money every time you go to the vet. Discover now WeePets, our brand specialized in pet insurance.

  • Civil Liability

  • Veterinary assistance

  • 24h telephone service

  • Reimbursement

  • Surgical intervention

  • Death and sacrifice

Discover WeePets

WeeMove. Your mobility insurance

  • Civil Liability

  • Accident

  • Assistance

  • Damage

  • Theft

The ways of moving have changed, however not insurance not so much. That’s why we created WeeMove. A brand specialized in insurance solutions for electric scooters, bicycles or electric bicycles, among others.

A transparent solution, easy and adapted to your new needs. Secure now with the same ease with which you move.

Discover WeeMove


Protect in one click what you love so much. You will easily have your mobile or tablet insured.


You will be able to easily hire all the insurance necessary to develop your activity, and adapted to your needs.


Discover an insurance that suits your needs at sea. In just one click it ensures your boat or your equipment, and always with total transparency.

Home appliances

Enjoy insurance that covers your appliances beyond their warranty. In one click and without small print.


Protect your company against any cybersecurity attack. Simple, in one click and totally transparent.


Whether you are an organizer, or will attend an event, you can enjoy insurance tailored to your needs and without small print.


Secure your computer in just one click, with completely transparent conditions and adapted to your needs.


For many it is a simple entertainment, but we know that for you it is much more. Secure it in one click and without unnecessary paperwork.