to be different

We were born of nonconformity. To believe that there is a different way of doing things. To think that not everything is invented in the world of insurance, and to know that being transparent goes further. Slower, but further.

Expertise and innovation in equal parts

We are an insurtech focused on e-commerce companies, offering insurance coverage within the online purchase processes.
We combine knowledge of the digital ecosystem, innovative technological solutions and experience in the insurance sector. But above all, we are the ideal solution for your customers, just at the right time.




Values is what gives us value

This is what we are, what we fight for every day, what we believe makes us better. As a company, but also as people.

A small idea, a great team

We have enthusiasm, passion for what we do and a lot of experience, but that is not enough. We have financing and support from relevant actors in the insurance sector.

We also believe that beyond a brand or a company, we are people who work for people. That’s why it’s important that you know that Weecover has skin, bones and a lot of work.

Technology experts

Analytics and data experts

UX/UI experts

Insurance products developers

Digital Marketing managers

We operate with guarantees

We are constituted as an Insurance Broker and we have the authorization of the General Directorate of Insurance, with the key J-3720.

We comply with the GDPR and all IDD insurance regulations.

But above all, we accumulate many years of experience in the sector, and we always look after the interests of our clients.